About The Bowller Group

The Bowller Group began over 35 years ago and was created by Steve Bowller, someone who wanted to make a difference in the construction industry. Initially a Roofing company, the business saw unprecedented expansion and with it an opportunity to develop the offering to the Merchant side of the industry. The Merchant business began and grew organically to five stores across the South of England. The mantra of delivering high end product, at a competitive price with outstanding Customer Service remained until its sale in 2015.

The Bowller Group has always had an eye for keeping present and has made adaptations to stay in line with Market trends. As the landscape changed and the evolution of renewable energy jumped to the forefront of people’s attention so did our model. 2005 saw another landmark year for the Business as it became the first MCS accredited registered installer of Solar Panels. Since the early days of renewable energy, the industry has transformed, we are now Globally more aware of our responsibility to create a Greener planet and at Bowller we have a dedicated Team who deliver our Environmental initiatives to Customers, enabling them to become more sustainable effortlessly.

Steve still sits on the board today and is active in all business decisions. Whilst it has been a natural development into the renewable energy space, we are now aiming to assist many Commercial Businesses, Local Authorities, Schools, Hospitals, Housing Associations, Hotels and domestic households to make seamless transitions through our Solar Energy, Green Roof / Living Walls and EV Charging options.

Our knowledge is unrivalled and our mission remains, change today for a greener tomorrow.



Renewable Energy Consumer Code

The RECC is a consumer protection scheme for businesses who are selling renewable energy systems. Members must abide by the high standards set out in the consumer code that protect the customer from the start to finish of any renewable energy project.


MicroGeneration Certification Scheme accredited installer

The MCS scheme is only recognised accreditation scheme for solar installers. Installers must be accredited for the end-user to gain access to any grants or tariffs. It sets out the standards of installations.


Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme in line with SSIP

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is a H&S compliance scheme whereby we are continually assessed to ensure we adhere to the latest H&S advice and regulations.

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