Green Roof Systems

Imagine creating beauty in the sky, whilst removing harmful gas from the Earth’s Atmosphere. These revolutionary and picturesque Roof Modules completely change the dynamic of any domestic or commercial space and are a beautiful way to be more environmentally friendly.

This evolutionary technology which offers a stunning garden in the sky, is also a very pragmatic solution to any roof. It doubles the life of roofs, as well as acting as a Carbon Capture (meaning the removal of CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere). Other benefits include rainwater storage which is then used for growth, extremely low maintenance and a huge Mental Health benefit. Given the above, these are a superb solution for Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and Businesses. Each Customer will receive a free survey for any requested space and our Team of expert professionals will advise best options tailored individually.

Carbon Capture

Green roof systems help with reducing CO2 emissions, increasing Air-Purification and can double the life of a roof.

Ready to go

Our Green Roof's are created using a pre-grown modular system. This means quick installation and low maintenance.

Your roof is continually under attack from the elements and more extreme weather. Not only will your roof need to deal with wind and rain, but ultraviolet light and changing temperatures, which over time are the most damaging.

Green roofs remove UV & temperature damage and are proven to extend a roofs life expectancy. The foliage acts as a barrier, using the UV rays for growth and comes in an array of different flowering options. Due to its nature a Green roof also protects the waterproof membrane underneath, meaning that it can double or triple the life expectancy. All of these aspects combined result in a higher performance over an extended period of time.

A big feature of a green roof is the thermal performance. One of the biggest problems facing a typical roof is low insulation, leading to heat loss in winter and sweltering conditions over the summer months.

By implementing a green roof you can improve energy efficiency and limit the usage of air conditioning. (Commercial premises) Plants absorb the sun’s energy and therefore reduce the temperature of the roof in summer, whilst aiding thermal efficiency in the colder winter by locking heat inside.

The release of carbon dioxide is one of the key contributing factors to global warming and as such, the government has been charged with meeting stringent EU targets by 2020.

Green roofs help reduce the need for air conditioning on commercial premises, whilst also ensuring less heat is required for the winter. Both air con and the generation of heat create CO2.

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